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About Colorado Car Events

Michael Bergren is founder of C.C.E. and is a car enthusiast  who is involved in just about every aspect of the automotive culture here in Colorado including Car Shows, Concours, Road Racing, Drag Racing, Car Tours, Rally's, Club Clubs, and Automotive related events.
In 2002 he started out organizing events at local hangouts where hundreds of cars would meet on a weekly basis.
From there Michael Bergren helped promote a planned $136 Million dollar racing facility trying to open in Colorado. Hewas also the Club Coordinator for a car museum since it's grand opening in Feb of 2007.  
Michael is very active with charity work  and has been a committee member for shows such as the CP Concours / Exotic Car Show, Automezzi, Morgan Adams Concours , Denver Round Table, British Conclave, and  Scuderia Speranza (fundraiser for Boys and Girls club of Colorado) .   He is also the founder of the Tour for the Kids which is an annual event since 2008 dedicated to raising money for UCP of Colorado.
Currently, Michael is also the owner of Man Cave Colorado.
Michael Bergren